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Spitalfields Illustrated - Producing my work

When deciding what work to produce for the Spitalfields shop, I looked at my sketchbook from that project. I made the decision not to finish making my zine for this show, as I felt that I didn't have enough time to complete it to the standard I wanted it to be. However, I may continue to work on it and produce one during the summer. From previous experiences of selling work, I have found that lino prints, and small things such as postcards, stickers and badges sell quite well. I wanted to do some screen prints, however the print workshop was shut due to the degree show, and so we had to look at other methods of reproducing our work. We decided to do some riso printing, using Housework Press. I volunteered to coordinate our print order, which meant that I checked everyone's files, helped to check the booklet and sent off the order. I really enjoyed organising this, and I would definitely like to use Housework Press again for riso printing. 

I decided to focus on the objects I drew at the market, and used my original sketches as the basis for my designs. I am really happy with the quality of the printing. The fluorescent pink came out a lot better than it previously did in the manifesto we made. I think this is because my prints weren't double sided.