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Spitalfields Illustrated - Photo Booth

When making the photo booth props, we were very resourceful. We only had one afternoon to make the cacti, and so the four of us worked really well together to get it done in time. We needed to finish the cacti to make sure that they could dry before we painted them the next day. We used the cardboard that was already in our workroom, and were able to use some leftover pieces of work (such as parts of a costume from the author project) to create the shapes we needed. The gum tape was a really effective way to strengthen the structures, and smooth the surface ready for painting. 

The next day, we painted the backdrop and the cacti. The backdrop was made for us by the security at the market, which was extremely helpful! I really enjoyed painting on a large scale, as it was something I hadn't done for a long time. Yuzhen and I painted the backdrop, whilst the others painted the cacti using spray paint. Once painted, it was really nice to see the cacti in front of the backdrop for the first time. The bright colours really popped, and worked well with each other. 

The photo booth looked even better on the day, in its place at the night market. The introduction of a motorbike made the photo booth even more fun. After the night market, we were still able to use the photo booth, but without the motorbike. We decided to offer customers who had bought something at our stall a free polaroid photo, which was an effective promotion. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the process. It was fun to work collaboratively on a large scale, working to our strengths. I would like to do this again if we ever get the chance.