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Camberwell Degree Show 2017 - Private View Photo Booth

The photo booth we made for our Spitalfields Illustrated event was really successful. It was fun to make, and was popular, particularly the handmade cacti props! I uploaded a few photos of it onto our Instagram account (@spitalfieldsillustrated) which I was running. The acting Dean of Camberwell, Amanda Jenkins, saw our photo booth on our Instagram, and contacted us to see if we were interested in making another one for the private view of the Camberwell degree show. This showed us that social media can be a way to get commissions, if you post good quality photos. 

Three of us agreed to take on the challenge to make a whole new photo booth with only two days to complete it in. It was a big task, but we had so much fun making it! From the last photo booth, we all understood our strengths, and this made it so much quicker when making the second one. Naomi is really good at making 3d things quickly, and so she made the flamingo and the palm tree. Yuzhen is quick at drawing, and so she scaled up the design we had made, and helped to paint the backdrop. I helped to paint the props and the backdrop, including all of the high parts that Naomi and Yuzhen couldn't reach. 

We collectively decided to use a summer theme for the photo booth, as for most people the private view marked the beginning of summer. Naomi and I brainstormed ideas, and we had a very similar vision, which made the process so much quicker. I had the idea of a beach theme, and Naomi had a pool theme in mind. We combined our ideas, as both involved a palm tree and some cocktails. We were inspired by David Hockney's paintings, as he is able to capture the feeling of summer in his poolside paintings with his use of colour. 

I am really happy with how the photo booth went. It was extremely popular. Although it was a very hot day, we had themed music playing and the fact it was free meant that everyone could get involved. I think that it was a great idea to have for the private view, because it meant that all the students graduating could celebrate the end of their three year study by posing and laughing with their friends, and they have the photos as memories to take home.

I am proud of how quickly we managed to complete it, as we had a tight deadline but worked hard to get it done. Amanda seemed surprised at how quickly we were able to get it all finished. Taking on this commission showed us that you should take on any opportunity you get given. Taking part in Spitalfields Illustrated and making the photo booth for that event led to this event. It showed us that one opportunity can lead to another, and making connections along the way is a really useful thing. 

You can see more of the photos from the private view on Instagram (@camberwellual).