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Fiction Project - Final Crit

This project had a tight deadline, but I worked hard and managed to get all illustrations finished and printed for the crit. I was happy with the book cover and two of the illustrations, but I could see changes I would make to the third one if I had more time. I do plan to make these changes after the crit, as I have some spare time before the next project starts. 

Book Cover:
Originally, I wanted to use the streamers on the fan as the front cover to my book. I liked the simple collage I had done during George's book workshop of the fan streamers, however I wanted to change it to add some texture and make them less generic. However, I didn't like how simple it looked on the cover, and I felt that the text didn't sit well with it. Also, it was a very small part of the book, and I wanted to use something a bit more significant. As I wanted to focus on the objects, and the relationship between them and the characters, I decided to look at the typewriter. I think the typewriter is an object that shows the intellectual side of Miss Amelia. I also thought it was quite nice for the cover, as there is enough space for the text, and it looks as though she is telling us her story. 

The feedback I received for the book cover was positive. In the crit, people understood the idea behind it, and really liked the textures I had chosen and made. One person asked to see what it would look like just as the front cover of the book, to see if it still worked, and once I showed them they thought it worked well. 

3 A5 Illustrations:
I decided to carry the theme of Miss Amelia's hand over the three illustrations. After George's book workshop, I had already decided that I wanted to explore the wedding scene, where she awkwardly searches for her non-existent pocket, in one of my illustrations. I still wanted to explore the objects in the story, but I wanted to show the emotional side too. I decided to focus on moments that showed Miss Amelia's emotions, such as vulnerability, loneliness, being uncomfortable, nostalgia. I think I managed to portray this in my illustrations. 

I am fairly happy with them all. However I can see ways to improve the third illustration, for example by changing the hand to a different position, maybe reaching out for the kidney stones/acorn. This was the feedback I got in the crit too. Luke said that the hand was in too similar a position to the wedding illustration. He gave me an idea which I hadn't thought of before, I could just show the shadow of the hand on the table rather than the hand itself. In the crit, people seemed to like that I had chosen a less obvious way of exploring the emotion of Miss Amelia. They said that the close up compositions made them more powerful, and they gave the reader an idea of how she felt. I plan to improve the third illustration, by trying a couple of different options to change the hand.