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Fiction - Ideas so far

After the crit, I wanted to explore the objects in the story more, and try to work out how to use them to portray the story. The story has a lot of emotion in it, but some scenes use this more subtly than others. I am drawn towards the scenes that are perhaps less obvious, for example the wedding scene when Miss Amelia reaches out for her pocket, which doesn't exist as she is wearing a wedding dress rather than her usual overalls. I really like this scene because it shows the vulnerability of Miss Amelia. Although from the outside she seems like a tough person, inside she is vulnerable, and the action of her reaching out for a missing pocket shows how uncomfortable she was in the situation. This is something I would like to explore more in my illustrations. I would like to try and find moments like these, that perhaps the reader doesn't pick up on when first reading the story. 

The bookmaking workshop with George really helped me to realise this. I started off by making a book about the objects in the story, depicting them in a literal and graphic way using collage. However as the day continued, I realised that I needed to make my images quicker, and so I tried to be a bit more abstract and quick. We had a look at everyone's books they had made so far and I realised that I didn't need to be so literal, as many other people had been taking a more abstract approach. This led me to making this double page spread, exploring the idea of the fan and coloured streamers. I like this page as an image, however I think it would look better using textures to make the streamers, rather than coloured paper, as I think they are slightly too bold. I would also like to explore the condition of them, for example making them discoloured or frayed, which would give a different message. I would like to use this idea and image in my illustrations, however I think that it would have to be for the book cover, as I don't think this image would work in a portrait format. 

If I do want to explore the emotion of the story through the objects, I think I need to show how the characters interact with them, and what their relationship with the object is. For example if I chose to look at the acorn, I need to think about the emotions behind her keeping such an insignificant object for so long. I would like to try and show this maybe without actually showing the whole character in every illustration, as this would then leave a bit of space for the reader to imagine the story too. I think I will continue to use collage to try and create these illustrations, and edit them on Photoshop afterwards.