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Art, Design and Illustration

Gavin Hammond Photography 
He is a photographer from London, who creates black and white atmospheric photos depicting London buildings reflected in puddles. He bases his work on the stereotype that it is always raining in Britain. I find his work really exciting because he is able to create so much atmosphere in each image, and he has to be in the right place at the right time to capture the photos. I think it is really interesting how he started this theme, as he accidentally noticed a reflection in a puddle whilst walking around London, and that accident lead to so much interesting work. You can see more of his work on his website

Alice Anderson
Based in London, she explores the concept of memory through wrapping familiar objects in copper wire, some of which become distorted as a result. I visited the exhibition at the Wellcome collection last year, and found the pieces fascinating. I really like the concept of the work, especially the section full of objects that have been distorted by the pressure of being wrapped in the copper wire. She was able to show that even the objects that are so familiar to us all are altered by time. See more of her pieces at

Sarah Graham 
I discovered her work during a previous art project. Based in Hitchin, UK, she uses oil paints to create photo realistic paintings of familiar objects. Her paintings exploring glass and reflection interest me the most due to their complexity. I admire her work because she takes her own still life photos to work from, and I love using the same process in my work. Visit her website to see more of her work. 

McLaren Technology Centre - Norman Foster 
I have always liked interesting architecture. My brother works for McLaren, and so we were lucky to get to visit the building during the summer. From above, the building looks like the Ying Yang symbol, the building as one half, and the water as the other. The man made lake not only looks nice, but also serves a purpose, as it is used to cool the building. The 200 metre long building was completed in 2003, and was designed by Foster & Partners to improve facilities for staff. Find out more at:

Cardboard Houseboat
When I visited Grand Design Live earlier this year, I was very intrigued to see a houseboat made entirely out of cardboard. I stayed for the lecture about the project, and I found it extremely interesting. It was designed and built by Harry Dwyer and Charlie Waller, owners of the 'Aircraft Workshop', which makes furniture and unique items out of old aeroplane parts. The boat only took 1 week to build, after intense planning, using cardboard from the workshop bins. I find it an amazing project, because it shows that you don't need expensive materials to be creative and make something. Find out more at

Bombay Sapphire Distillery - Thomas Heatherwick
Located in Hampshire, the distillery includes two intertwining botanical glasshouses which house the plants needed to make gin. This was designed to allow the visitors to see more of the process. Each glasshouse recycles the spare heat from other buildings, providing the perfect growing conditions. The 893 individually shaped curved glass pieces give a very natural feel to the space, the buildings almost like sculptures twisting out of the floor. I really like the appearance of the glasshouses because they are very unusual, but really seem to fit their purpose. Find out more here


Phoebe Atkey
She is an illustrator from the South Coast of England, who focuses on drawing architecture, cityscapes, interiors and fashion. Using inspiration from where she visits, her work is incredibly detailed and accurate. I like this piece (pictured below) in particular because of her use of black and white pen on the coloured paper. The marks really stand out, and the colour of the paper gives the piece a whole different feel. See more on her website

Lucinda Rogers
I discovered the work of Lucinda Rogers on my foundation course. She is an illustrator from London, who uses ink and watercolour on a variety of coloured papers. She illustrates cities from life, considering the constant changes of a city and the people who live there. I really like the careful consideration of colour in each of her pieces, and the amount of detail that goes into her work. It makes you feel like you are looking at the same view. See more of her work here

Claudine O'Sullivan
Based in London, she uses mainly pencil to create waves of colour, most often forming to depict animals. I like her use of bold colour in natural, almost abstract waves. I first discovered her work when I went to the London Illustration Fair earlier this year. She has worked for companies such as Derwent Pencils, Apple, Zizzi and MTV. See more of her work here.