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10 Interesting Images

Here are 10 images I find interesting as an illustrator at the moment:

1: Dawn Clements
I first saw her work at the Saatchi Gallery in 2013. I was amazed at her drawings, as they wrapped around the gallery walls, which gave me the feeling of being in the room she had illustrated. Her work made me consider using multiple pieces of paper for a drawing, and experimenting with the scale of my work. You can find more of her work at

2: St Paul's Cathedral 
I like drawing architecture because wherever I am, there is always something to draw. St Paul's stands out to me because I love the old architecture. The dome and columns are so iconic, that even the new buildings in London are unable to block the view. There is so much detail in the architecture, and so it is a challenge to draw. 

3: Papercutting
I like the effect of creating a detailed image from paper alone. So much depth can be created using layers and colours, creating an image of a scene you almost feel you can step into. I really like the work of Helen Musselwhite because there is so much character in her work. I first discovered it online, when I found this piece she created for McDonalds. See more of her work on her website

4: Reflection
I took this photo at the Sky Gardens, at the top of the Walkie Talkie building in London. The sun was starting to set, and I soon found myself more interested in the reflection of the sunset on the beautiful architecture than the actual view. I would highly recommend going to the Sky Gardens!

5: Light and Shadow
I enjoy creating atmosphere in my work. Although I usually turn to graphite pencils to achieve this, I learned on my foundation course that using photography can be a great way to create an atmospheric image if light and shadow are considered.

6: Notebooks
I have found that I have started collecting notebooks. Working in a stationery shop really doesn’t help! I don’t even use notebooks very often, but I love the illustrations on the covers, and so my shelf in my bedroom is soon filling up with unused, pretty books. 

7: Matilda illustration
One of the first books I loved to read was Matilda by Roald Dahl. I find the illustrations by Quentin Blake really exciting. Quentin Blake’s use of watercolour and ink creates a feeling of energy and movement which bring the beloved stories to life. Visit his website to see more of his work. 

8: JR
This is a photo my brother took in Paris in front of the Louvre. French artist JR covered the glass pyramid in a photo of the part of the building that is usually covered, giving the illusion of the iconic glass pyramid disappearing. I find this really interesting because JR managed to hide the iconic glass pyramid of the Louvre, and to me the black and white photographic portion looks like a drawing blended in with the architecture. 

9: Button collection
This photo depicts some of the items I found in a tin my Nan used to collect buttons in. I find this image really fascinating because each piece must have a story, and must have been significant enough for her to save. Even if this collection of items looks mundane to you or I, there is a lot of hidden history and importance found in the image. 

10: Crushed can
I love the complexity of creased material. I find creased packaging particularly interesting because the brands that we all know so well can sometimes become unrecognisable and slightly abstract. I first became interested in this concept in a previous art project, where I looked at crushed and crumpled bottles and cans. This concept still excites me, mainly because the complexity of the images allows me to challenge my drawing skills.