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Riso Print Induction at Rabbits Road Press

It's great to know that there are creative spaces around that support the local community and teach people creative skills. I went to Rabbits Road Press for a riso printing induction, as Sofia had suggested to us. It was a busy afternoon, as quite a few Camberwell students came along, and they said it's not usually this busy. Although small, it's a great space with such a creative atmosphere and feeling about it. Working in a small studio surrounded by other creatives, artist studios and riso prints everywhere was a nice experience. 

I had already prepared an image to print. I have always been told that riso printers only ever print to A3, but when I got there, they were printing to A4. I was able to print to A3 by paying a little bit towards the paper. The image I prepared is a simple collage of a pan on fire, as in the story Maddie is cooking and it sets on fire with high flames. I mainly wanted to test the textures to see if they would print well or not, as I am undecided on how I want to make my final riso image (collage textures, block colours using tones or another method with different mark making like pencils/paint). 

This was my print from the induction. I think it came out ok, but the texture on the blue elements didn't print properly. Also, some of the pink is lost, for example the darkest flame in the centre can't be seen in the fluo pink, as perhaps the tones were too similar for the fluorescent colour. I have printed in fluo pink before, and I found that bolder shapes and block colours work better than textures. However, the final print will be in green and red rather than these colours. 

Rabbits Road Press is a great space to work in, with lots of inspiration around the walls of the studio. I really like the colour combination of the fluo orange and blue!