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Biography - Animation Workshop

I have always wanted to learn how to do animation using drawing on paper, however I was unsure whether this would be the method I would use to produce my final animation. Drawn animation takes a lot of time and practice, something I feel that we don't have enough time for in this current project. The workshop did help me to think about the narrative of my animation, and how I could save time. The examples shown by Joh were really helpful, particularly the ones produced by previous students who had the same amount of time as us. Watching these animations made me realise that I might need to repeat some imagery in my film to save time, as previous students had done this effectively. However, I was thinking about using repetition in my work already, as I feel that it fits with the methods of working used by Allan Wexler. I need to finalise my narrative using a storyboard and decide on my method. If I do decide to create an animation, I think that I would like to use the wood textures I have been using in my collages. I plan to speak to Noel in my tutorial and speak to someone in the digital media suite to help me work out which method to use and how to go about planning for my animation.