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3 Reportage Illustrators

Lucinda Rogers

I have admired Lucinda Rogers' work for quite a while now, and it inspires me to go out there and keep drawing. I love her use of materials. She uses coloured paper on some occasions to her advantage to change the mood of the image, which is something I like to do in my work. Also, I really like her variation of line weights in her illustrations. She cleverly makes some lines bolder than others, which makes you feel as though you are standing in that environment looking at the same view as she did when she created the image. I like the way that she makes some parts very detailed, and in other parts she just suggests that there is more there. Her use of mark making to suggest movement, along with washes and hints of colour make her work stand out to me. 

Peter Arkle
I only recently discovered the work of Peter Arkle. I really like his piece '39 Things on Broadway', as I find it a really interesting concept that he has recorded an environment through the objects and people he saw, and the conversations he heard, rather than drawing the whole scene. I love the way he comments on each thing, adding humour to the piece. It makes me think about what I see and hear everyday, whether its something unusual or something that I see so often I've stopped noticing it. 
George Grosz
I really like the way that George Grosz has focused on different aspects of the environment that he was observing, combining them to create one image. I love the use of overlapping and layering drawings together, as I feel that it gives them a totally new meaning and feel to them. The combination of different scales, and drawing both people and buildings works really well, and I would like to try overlapping my drawings. I feel that the way he has combined the drawings makes the environment feel chaotic and busy, which is a really effective method for capturing the atmosphere of the environment.